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welcome to VORT INDUSTRIES, a Worldbuilding & VR project

GUDDUG Worlds proudly shares this sneak peak into this fictional world and VR experience about business ethics. Designed for enthusiasts who love explorative media like adventurous (puzzle) games. Within this VR experience you’ll discover more of this digital & fictional world by searching for narrative/environmental clues. By piecing these clues together you’ll figure more context about this big industrial company.

Project indefinably on hold

This started as my graduation project at the start of 2020. A absolute passion project and therefor I managed to keep working on this roughly 45+ hours a week- for months. With this project I completed a four year full-time study at St. Joost School of Fine Art and Design, located in Breda (the south of the Netherlands).

I graduated with “VORT” in the end of June 2020 and continued development the latter half of 2020.

2021, goals change…

Without the educational deadline the scope of the project exploded to unrealistic proportions. Goals change and unfortunately the release goal of VORT Industries and the countless of hours dedicated to it, is just not possible anymore. I believe, in hindsight, the overall creative VORT journey was more important to me, then releasing a polished product. Nevertheless I hope to share it someday, in some form. Or release a similar experience that borrows heavily from it.

It’s not the end, it’s a change of form. My goal is to grow my portfolio and share more work frequently through socials. The world of VORT Industries will live through singular portfolio items. May it be a sketch of a character, a render from a location or a 3D video of an environment.

Thanks for your patience and involvement.

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THE VORT museum

Learn about the development process, how I led my small team & how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the project. Page contains my development choices, concepts, pictures and video footage!

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VORT INDUSTRIES is a brand of GUDDUG Worlds. VORT INDUSTRIES finds its origins as a graduation project by Frank Geboers, known as digital creator GUDDUG. Project intent was informative with a educational purpose in mind and non-profit. This project is licensed under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/

Besides work created by me and this team. The entirety of this project is developed with additional video and (3D) asset content gathered from several depositories. This content was made by other creators, either bought or free for download and used with permission. Most of them under a royalty-free-license. GUDDUG Worlds respects this source material, creator rights and tries to do redistribute the material in a reasonable manner.

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