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Politiebeeld: Eindwerk animatie/projecTION IMPRESSION

In the minor ‘Arts and Humanity’ we formed a collective and conducted research into the image of the Dutch police. For example, we have studied many internal documents and investigations, talked to different employees and heard different stories. These experiences have drastically changed our own perception of the police. We have gained new insights as a result.

We think that if the police show more of their human side (which is now often seen as weakness by the police), society will feel more connected and therefore become a better ally of the police. A good personal relationship is essential to gain trust. Research shows that a citizen who has had an experience (good or bad) with a police officer projects this onto the entire organization.

In the end we went to work with six people to make an installation. Consisting of a sculpture and various animations (2D and 3D) that can be admired on the layered sculpture by means of video mapping. We depict all kinds of different sides of police work. Both society and the police can see this and hopefully it can be reflected on. We want to use our findings to inspire police officers and show society the paradox that a police officer struggles with, so that they can better understand this.

The animation is beamed on our sculpture. It stands for the unreachability of the police. Different elements of police work are shown. Although all these facets are necessary for police work, certain aspects are more experienced by society as negative and certain positive. Negative animations create the polygon face and positive animations break it down. When it breaks down you see a human face that was behind the polygon face. And human statements are made such as “Can I help you?” It is incomprehensible when the polygon face is shown, since it reinforces the inaccessibility. My task was producing, managing and assisting on the technical side of the entire beamed video.

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