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Once upon a mine

Different species were kept as workers and were forced to work in a mine by a mining corporation led by goblins. It was then the most peculiar scenario happened. Four different species started to work together and made a plan to escape.

This escape plan leads them to a crazy adventure through the entine mining facility, fighting for their freedom.

The Moon Elf

The most intelligent one of the bunch. A highly skilled engineer and great mind for making plans. Quick thinker.

She is mostly friendly and is sympathetic. However sometimes loses her temper making her a bit bitter and sarcastic, yet most of the times keeps her head calm and keeps the team together.

The FurBear

The physical strongest member. Non nonsense, this bear gets straight to the point. This bear is not messing around and keeps the conversation formal yet his concentration span is not long lasting, making him a bit wacky and jolly at times.

The Goblin

He is traitorous, deceiving and greedy. These properties lead him to tricky situations. He seems to not care for anyone but himself. He is clever and can improvise like no one else. He loves making fun of some one else and has some dark humor.

The Kobold

He has the lowest intelligence, is the smallest and the oldest. As a Kobold, he is a highly skilled miner. He has trust issues and schizophrenia. Quick and agile. Making him also dangerous in combat.

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