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‘One-minute’ made for my study. It is the product/result of the forth and last period of my first year participating this study. As a student our primary focus during the timespan of this period was this 60 second one-minute. (Start April 3th 2017 – End assessment May 29th 2017).

It all started with a visit at De Pont museum. It was here were I and my fellow students chose a work from the collection. My pick was the sculpture ‘Eén’ created by Berlinde De Bruyckere. From there I started a creative process which lasted for 8 weeks. These processes always start very openly and vague and slowly tend to get more focus towards the end. As the weeks passed by I collected/created more text and imagery, my collection grew and I constantly kept hanging these collected images/texts/notes on the wall of the classroom. I registered my thoughts and drawings/doodles in a notebook and eventually I used this data to form a core for the story I wanted to tell. With this core in mind I developed the first storyboard (one of three) in the fifth week. I started the Blender (software) 3D production around the end of the seventh week. The five second template you see before the actual one-minute was mandatory/required part which I had to add in. This five second template features a short animation to ‘celebrate’ the 25 years of existence of De Pont museum.

It was a bit of a struggle to confine my vision for this story to just 60 seconds, a lot of puzzling resulted in some scenes being scrapped. In hindsight you come to realize these scenes weren’t so essential to begin with. I am very happy and satisfied with the achieved result! I did learn a lot of new techniques in storytelling, using the right camera angles/perspectives, focus on the right elements and to combine multiple narratives in one shot. The latter really helped me to quickly inform the viewer in this limited confined timespan of just 60 seconds. I had some 3D Blender experience prior this project, I could create a scene with plain coloured materials and lighting, simple models and animate it. During this project I learned to model quicker and better, to make landscapes more organic (adding hills and create grass particles), to make more complex/longer animations and linking objects, to work with materials and textures to bring the world to live.

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