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Hinderlaag | Short animation World War I

An assignment from AKV | St. Joost and Museum Huis Doorn. A collaboration between two ‘Illustration & Animation’ students. Frank Geboers and Tess Spijkers proudly present a short animation which journeys into the history of a First World War monument located in Garderen, The Netherlands. We have spent our time searching, studying and translating data from one of the seventy First World War monuments located in the Netherlands. The Memorial of the Serbian soldiers located at Garderen. ‘Why this monument?’ you might ask yourself. Well, we weren’t able to pick one freely. The monuments were assigned to the students at random. We certainly did our research and delved deep into every detail of this particular monument, therefor did our best to prevent errors/false facts.

A monument dedicated to the fallen Serbian soldiers. Prisoners of war who were released from their prisoner-of-war camps in Germany in 1919 and ended up in The Netherlands. Freed from their horrid condition they awaited their repatriation in the nearby region of Garderen, the vast majority inside camp Nieuw-Milligen. Unfortunately for these prisoners of war their repatriation would never occur as they fell victim to a new yet unseen enemy. They passed away due to the Spanish flu. A memorial was erected in April 1919 on the Dutch Reformed cemetery of Garderen. The memorial was renovated in 2006. The monument honors 91 Serbian soldiers whom have passed away in The Netherlands.

We have processed all this research into this short animated film, and being a ‘educational animation’ it was quite the task to fit and phase this within two minutes. Towards the end of the project we shifted to a more abstract approach including metaphors, therefor, in our opinions, made the project more interesting. We are thrilled about our achievement.

Start January 22th 2018 – End assessment June 8th 2018 Note: semester included a handful of different smaller projects as well, including a First World War infographic/explanimation that sparked your interest. Also some exercises in redactional illustrations and a project to comment/make a statement on a subject that matters to you, for example equal rights.

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