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4 months ago
Some good news 🎉GUDDUG Update Video #3 is here to inform you on my latest effort towards professionalism and what that means for the GUDDUG Worlds channel(s). Hopefully you'll enjoy it.
Thanks and hopefully I'll see you soon!
► Watch on Youtube: https://t.co/llExSmnsHb
6 months ago
New character art! ✨Meet Mr. Zeta, member of the "Board of Directors". A select collective which consists out of the most powerful CEOs at VORT Industries, each representing their own branch of the VORT industry.
7 months ago
Greetings all. I proudly present a couple of visual development pieces for an upcoming 3D scene that I'm building at this very moment. An imaginary house where a family of small and cute bipedal froglike creatures lived.
7 months ago
Character & environment art I created a while ago for the world I’ve developed called VORT INDUSTRIES. "Welcome to VORT INDUSTRIES" the VR experience is on hold indefinitely. That doesn’t mean the end of VORT-related content such as this piece.
8 months ago
Dear friends & audience. I felt it was time to address a few matters such as the development of “VORT Industries”. I put a lot of extra time and effort in this update video. Hopefully it will entertain you. Enjoy it!
► Watch on Youtube: https://t.co/bYPELgM6em

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