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Latest VR & Worldbuilding [graduation project]

Congratulations potential business partner, you are invited for a business opportunity with VORT INDUSTRIES! A worldbuilding project with the theme of business ethics. Designed as a VR (Virtual reality) experience where you’ll visit this fictional company. Step inside VORT INDUSTRIES, yet think outside the box!

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what… who is guddug?

My name is Frank Geboers aka GUDDUG. ‘Gud’ represents the factor that I aim for in my work, good quality. An extension of this attribute is how teammates describe me. Professional, ambitious and hard working till the bitter end.

What about the ‘Dug’ part?

Besides my perseverance and dedication towards professionalism- within the private sphere, I can be quite whacky. Of course I take myself seriously, I have a skillset and a desire to be professional YET I’m not afraid to show my personality. It stems from ‘dog’, embracing my playfulness and the fun aspect within my work. As an artist, sometimes I lean more towards the latter aspect, coming to fruition in my experimental work.

Both intersect and feed each other. This translates to a good amount of professionalism, with a playful edge and ‘out of the box’ approach, that’s my workflow!

All my works contain, in some extent, a vision of a world created by me. I present glimpses of a fictional world through GUDDUG Worlds, that’s what its all about.

  • I shape worlds. I like to create the foundations in mere words, thought out principles and translating these factors to the visual spectrum, defining its identity.
  • 3D animator
  • 3D assets: Modeling & UV-ing and texturing
  • VR: Virtual Reality artist and enthusiast

Follow your curiosity

…to new and alien places that’ll amaze you. From cities to planets. Besides being a 3D artist and animator, as a worldbuilder I create fictional worlds. I became so enthusiastic about the craft that it has become the common thread of my work. I publish glimpses of these worlds, from animated short films to VR experiences.

How fantastic the worlds may be, a relatable factor is essential

This starts with the theme that serves as the foundation of such a world. This theme ripples through all facets, from narrative to visual. Like characters and their cultures. Within the theme I try to hold up a mirror regarding to Western culture and / or human behavior. To question “normal matters” such as expected norms and values, ​in order to create awareness.

how do I present a theme within my work?

Within this approach I’d like to abstract matters and use metaphors. I therefore see the fictional world and its story as a symbiosis in which the intended meaning/message is not immediately noticeable. It’s escapism with a message. Use your common sense and investigative approach and you will pierce through the facade. A metaphorical puzzle that needs to be solved by making connections through clues found within the environment.

i ♥ the visual translation

As a visual storyteller, I love to work out this facade within a digital 3D environment. The visual challenge is to find a connection with the theme as well, which gives each work its own identity. Follow your curiosity!

My inspiration

I often tend to get inspired from sources which are not present in our nature. Fantasy and science fiction. Ranging from certain books, to movies to games. Yet at times I like to take a step back and look at our own reality, which can be quite alien as well, for example unknown biology and the infinity of the universe. It is certainly exciting when both realities are intertwining. I find the cross-pollination between known and unknown interesting and you can see that come to fruition in my experimental work.

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3 months ago
Concept art I've created a while ago for the wastelands area near VORT INDUSTRIES. One of the first areas the VR participant will be traveling through...
3 months ago
Want to support me while gaining something fun and extra in return? Check me out on Patreon https://t.co/myaCRPPwdd
4 months ago
I'm super excited to share the trailer of my upcoming VR & Worldbuilding project. Frank Geboers aka GUDDUG proudly shares this sneak peak into this fictional world and VR experience about business ethics.
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5 months ago
Today me and some fellow graduated students prepared for a filming session with a robotic arm! This is recorded with my phone. The shoot is about the student and their work, organised by @akvstjoost (academy I just… https://t.co/XqD7B0Gd0I
5 months ago
New & old footage of VORT Industries, edited in short vids. The final experience will lay somewhere in between. Want to see the whole beta video? Check out the 'development process' area on the website.

For more… https://t.co/75eZNscbcD

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